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After endless efforts to beautify your landscape and spending several days mapping, planning, growing plants, and maintaining them, it can be a very painful experience to see things falling apart due to bad landscape drainage systems.

During the rainy season, drainage can become a big concern because poor drainage increases the risk of having water puddles in your landscape. This can affect its foundation and ruin all your efforts by harming the plants because they suffer from water clogging. The roots of the plants in your lawn need enough air, and standing water deprives them of the required oxygen. If you ignore the problem of improper landscape drainage, the plants will eventually die.

Kinds of Drainage Problems You Can Experience

  1. Drain spouts don't have a proper drain to direct the excess water away from the plants. This is a very common problem and can affect any type of landscape. It is important to check your drain spouts to make sure that they have an outlet where it can send the excess water. You can use the corrugated plastic tubes or a French Drain to solve this problem.
  2. Sometimes, neighbors unintentionally send their excess water through their drain spouts, but these end in your lawn. While you remain oblivious to this problem, the water continues to accumulate at the edges of your garden, and can harm the foundation of your garden walls. The French drain can help solve this problem by making underground outlets for the water to drain out.
  3. Sometimes, the landscape is at an inclination where water trickles in and remains inside the landscape. Usually, the landscape should be at a slope that sends water away from the landscape. While you may not have the option to restructure the entire landscape, you can use the grassy swale system to dissipate water to prevent it from gathering.

Landscape Drainage Systems

You can use any of the following drainage systems to manage your lawn without suffering from problems related to bad drainage:

  • French Drain – This is the most famous outdoor and underground drainage system used by many people. It usually consists of a perforated pipe, surrounded by gravel wrapped in filter fabrics. This helps keep debris and mud out while the pipe drains excess water by dispersing it into other areas of the landscape.
  • Grassy Swale – This is a grassy graded area of the lawn with a 1-inch drop after every 10-foot, to cause flow of excess water. This dissipates the water across a large section of the lawn and directs excess water to a drain or bog planting.
  • Corrugated plastic tubes – These are specialized tubes that you have to fix at the end of drain spout, buried underground so that it can direct water to a drain or distribute it. You can use this as the most inexpensive landscape drainage solution.

To make your garden a big success, consult a professional regarding the landscape drainage system that is ideal for you.